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Volunteer with SBCSC

Are you ready to make a real difference in the lives of immigrants and refugees in your community? Join us in our mission to uphold justice and provide vital legal services to those in need.  

SBCSC is currently looking for individuals who are committed and want to make a positive and lasting contribution to the overall well-being of the immigrant community in the Inland Empire.  


Volunteer and unpaid internship opportunities allow individuals to observe a work environment, gain work experience and at times fulfill an academic requirements.

Areas of Opportunity

Youth Integration Advancement (YIA) Program

The YIA Program at SBCSC is designed to provide social, immigration legal and family law services to immigrant youth, especially Unaccompanied Undocumented Minors (UUMs). YIA, volunteers and staff help this vulnerable youth to life in the United States and encourage them to pursue their personal and educational goals.


As a YIA volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Organizing enrichment activities

  • Providing mentorship

  • Conducting research to find resources

  • Establishing partnerships

  • Collecting data

  • Engaging with the community

  • Delivering presentations

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Advocacy is essential to SBCSC's mission and service delivery. It enhances access to justice, protects legal rights, influences policies, empowers communities, combats exploitation and fraud, addresses systemic issues, educates communities, builds partnerships, and promotes social justice for immigrants in the Inland Empire, throughout the state and country. Ensuring that immigrants receive fair and equitable treatment under the law and can fully participate in society. SBCSC is committed to enhancing our advocacy efforts in benefit of the immigrant community we serve.  

As an Advocacy volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Conducting legal research and providing support

  • Engaging in advocacy and outreach efforts

  • Participating in community engagement activities

  • Analyzing and developing policies

  • Assisting with fundraising initiatives

  • Assisting with social media and communications efforts


Social Service Case Assistants

SBCSC's Immigration Legal Service Programs support over 6,000 individuals and families in critical need annually. We assist low-income, hard-to-reach, and underserved foreign-born individuals requiring representation before various DHS agencies. This assistance often determines survival for those escaping persecution, reunites families, enables lawful employment and provides a pathway to U.S. Citizenship. Our various programs facilitate access to affirmative and defensive relief from deportation, engagement with the criminal justice system, legal protections, human rights safeguards, and more.

As a Social Service volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Providing client support and facilitating interactions

  • Assisting with case management tasks

  • Conduct legal and country condition research 

  • Coordinating resources for clients

  • Helping with documentation and reporting

  • Offering support during crises or emergencies

  • Advocating for clients and empowering them

  • Contributing to special projects and initiatives

  • Engaging in community outreach and educational initiatives


Language Support

SBCSC is committed to providing culturally competent services throughout every interaction with the public.  Many immigrants seeking legal assistance may not be proficient in the dominant language of the country where they are residing. Language support ensures that language barriers do not prevent immigrants from accessing essential legal services, understanding their rights, or effectively communicating with legal professionals. Language support is crucial to effective communication, cultural sensitivity, legal compliance, legal compliance, client empowerment, efficiency, community trust and engagement 

As a Language volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Providing language interpretation 

  • Translating documents, forms, and informational materials 

  • Community engagement to promote resources 

  • Advocating for language access rights 

  • Contributing to special projects and initiatives

  • Participating in capacity-building activities

  • Translators needed in the following languages: Spanish, English, Kanjobal, Ki'che, Kaqchikel & Mam

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Community Engagement

Through community engagement SBCSC has raised awareness about the availability of legal services and how community members can access them. SBCSC has carried out various activities to ensure that individuals know their immigration rights and options for legal assistance and other fundamental services​. 

As a Community Engagement volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Assist with outreach events

  • Serve as a language interpreter 

  • Translate outreach materials 

  • Engage with social media 

  • Assist in educational workshops 

  • Build relationships with other organizations 

  • Create educational material 

  • Advocate for community needs

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We connect with a broad audience through SBCSC's social media platforms, including current and prospective clients, stakeholders, and community members. Social media enhances visibility and awareness of SBCSC's services, fosters communication and engagement with the public, facilitates education and information sharing, and effectively promotes events. Our social media efforts inform the community about immigration law updates, allow SBCSC to further advocate for policy changes, and raise awareness of immigrant rights and justice issues.

As a Media volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute in various ways, including:

  • Assist with content creation for social media posts

  • Assist with social media management 

  • Create graphic design and multimedia content 

  • Engage with the community

  • Support event promotion 

  • Conduct research and strategy development

  • Provide training and capacity building 

  • Assist with emergent communications 

Office Desk

Applicaton Process

  1. Please submit your updated resume, 2 references, and a cover letter detailing your motivation for volunteering with SBCSC and specifying your area of interest. These items must be submitted in PDF format via email to:  Please ensure that "Volunteer Interest" is listed in the subject line.

  2. If your cover letter and resume meet our initial criteria, we will send you a volunteer application to complete and schedule an interview.

  3. If selected, a criminal background check will be required prior to onboarding. 

  4. For additional information please contact our Associate Director, Laura Ruiz at

Our volunteers' dedication and commitment contribute significantly to the effectiveness, success and impact of our programs

- Emilio Amaya, Executive Director 

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